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Press Jul 24, 2019

Is your to-do list as long as your CVS receipt?

No B.S. here, AccessElite’s CEO, Jennifer Mons Anderson, was featured in an article by Well+Good and the year 2019 being the year of the ‘wellness scam’. This year, there have been many wellness hoaxes, from activated charcoal to celery juice trends. In this article, Well+Good touches on just how you can avoid the wellness myths and actually be well. People are often giving into hoaxes because they’re busy, looking for something quick and efficient, and AccessElite provides just that, except now with results. With AccessElite, our program and professionals are highly vetted, which according to Jennifer Mons Anderson, should be at the top of your list before the ‘add to cart’. We offer a membership program with real-time solutions to optimize your well-being, that bring ease and convenience in doing so. Seeing a primary care physician or dietician has never been easier. Not to mention, it can keep your to-do list short and actually manageable. Read the article, here.

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