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Live Virtual Wellness: Energizing Yoga Flow with Jen Parker

Online CA

We've all had the feeling that Tuesday can be just as hard as Monday and it can be a struggle to get yourself motivated. In this session, Yoga Instructor Jen Parker will guide you through a yoga flow that will boost your energy and give you the vitality you need to take on the rest […]

Live Virtual Wellness: Healthy Summer Mocktails with Sarina Irizarry

Online CA

Look and feel your best this summer by fueling your body right! Healthy Summer Mocktails are a great alternative to sugary drinks that allow you to still have fun in the sun. AccessElite's Sarin Irizarry will be whipping up some mocktails that will make your tastebuds dance! Join us for this fun session and kickoff […]

Live Virtual Wellness: Reiki Meditation with Mickee Caputo

Online CA

Take a break Tuesday with Reiki Master, Yoga Instructor and Sound Healer Mickee Caputo for a 30 minute distance Reiki meditation. You will start the session with gentle breath work to anchor you into your body. Mickee will then guide you through a self healing Reiki session where you will place your hands on various […]

Live Virtual Wellness: Body Weight Fitness with Jarratt Rouse

Online CA

Join Fitness Instructor Jarratt Rouse for motivational and energy-filled 30-minute full body workout using just your body weight! You will be sure to end the class feeling great both physically and mentally. So grab your towel and water and join us for this high-energy workout!  

Live Virtual Wellness: Cardio KickBoxing with Renae Ryann

Online CA

Join Fitness Instructor Renae Ryann for a fun at-home KickBoxing workout! KickBoxing is a great way to build upon muscles you thought you never had! Grab your towel and water and join us for this exciting new class. Fair warning, you might get addicted to this and release any stress and anxiety you’ve been carrying […]

Live Virtual Wellness: Barre Based Workout with Alona Kristol Harper

Online CA

Lunch time? More like fitness time! Join Fitness Instructor, Alona Kristol Harper in a 30 minute barre based workout. Be sure to grab your water and towel for this fun workout! Barre workouts are focused on improving core strength, developing the stabilizing muscles of the shoulder and hip girdles, and enhancing flexibility. They can also […]

Live Virtual Wellness: Pilates for Abs & Core with Jen Parker

Online CA

If you love a great, low-impact workout, you will love this exercise class. If you're not familiar with Pilates, no worries! This class is for everyone and the instructor, Jennifer Parker, will walk you through all of the movements. Pilates is a method of exercise that consists of low-impact flexibility, strength and endurance movements. Pilates […]

Live Virtual Wellness: Body Barre Pump with Renae Ryann

Online CA

Join Fitness Trainer Renae Ryann for a fun full body Barre Pump online class! Barre fitness is a hybrid workout class combining ballet-inspired moves with elements of pilates, dance, yoga and strength training. Barre Pump is similar to Barre Sculpt but involves higher repetition and the use of lightweights. This class is focused on building […]