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Blog Feb 10, 2021

Busy calendars, virtual schooling and overflowing inboxes are just a few reasons why your team might think they are too busy to work well-being into their day. Some may be suffering from the lack of routine from fitness center closures, as many businesses are still working on a full reopening plan. Others might want to add health and wellness to their day but do not know where to start. Whatever level of comfort your employees have, corporate wellness initiatives – like AccessElite’s – create a uniquely tailored approach and introduce experiences that reduce stress, increase happiness and boost your company’s overall corporate culture. Below are some experiences that AccessElite offers to encourage employees to engage in well-being, all in 30 minutes or less.

Be Mindful of Mornings.
A morning routine makes or breaks your day and sets the tone for what you’ll accomplish. Productivity increases and stress decreases when you establish a routine and complete it every morning. Psychiatrists recommend at least five minutes of mindfulness each morning, clearing your thoughts and refreshing you for the day. For employees, morning stillness before facing a busy inbox facilitates a more peaceful workday. AccessElite’s Fresh Start Meditation class, for example, teaches participants to inhale new energy and exhale the old. A guided meditation serves employees at any stage of their wellness journey, helping build their mindfulness muscles and increase their focus. Encourage your staff to attend a meditation class from your corporate wellness provider once a week, and to practice on their own every morning.

Get Some Socially Distanced Sun.
Working from home means that most people are spending more time indoors and are less active, which negatively impacts employees’ mental health and productivity. Post-lunch tasks become harder to accomplish and as items pile up, stress levels rise. Encourage your employees to shake off any afternoon sluggishness with an invigorating workout class outdoors, which boosts serotonin levels and clears brain fog. Team members who don’t have an uninterrupted hour in their day need not worry, since 30-minute workouts throughout the day offer the same benefits, plus multiple screen breaks. AccessElite’s Bodyweight Fitness class requires no equipment, making it the perfect lunch break pick-me-up. Encourage group participation and activation by offering classes during the afternoon or up the ante with an office-wide daily step count competition, complete with wellness-themed prizes.

Unplug and Recharge.
Sleep hygiene plummeted during the beginning stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, making it harder for people to fall asleep, stay asleep and wake up rested. Sleep patterns that are not in sync with the body negatively affect moods, energy levels and productivity. Check on your employees and recommend anyone struggling with a sleep schedule find a routine and stick with it, involving movement and relaxation through yoga or tai chi. AccessElite can help your employees find new ways to unwind, as our Chair Yoga class offers a way for your staff to stretch out any over or underused muscles from sitting at their desks and our Tai Chi class teaches meditation through movement for energy and balance.

It’s often challenging to fit “me-time” into a busy workday, but the overall benefits to employees’ health and happiness speak for themselves. No matter what stage your team is at in their wellness journey, at AccessElite we believe in creating activities that inspire them and courses that excite them.

Looking for ways to bring well-being into your employees’ days? Reach out at to let us know how we can help!

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