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Blog Feb 19, 2020

Within society today stress and anxiety is a leading factor in many individuals lives which is one of the reasons we started AccessElite, to help reduce the day in and day out effects of a busy world.

An Integrative Neurologist we religiously follow is, Ilene Ruhoy, M.D., Ph.D. She explains that there are two types of stress we can experience and we can turn that into success. She states,

“There is the stress that makes you study harder for that test or add those extra details to a project at work or force a conversation with your life partner. This stress makes you ponder, analyze, ask questions, and can even clarify what you want and what your next steps are. Of course, the other type of stress is the type that can paralyze us and interfere in all we try to do in a given day. It can make it harder to work, exercise, sleep, eat (whether too much or too little), socialize, be intimate, play with our kids, and more. This type of unhealthy stress can involve fears we have about our health, our worth, irrational fears of a loved one dying, or a natural disaster. This stress can be detrimental to our health.”

So how do you turn negative stress into positive stress or success you might ask. She first recommends that while trying to minimize the negative stress in your life through meditation, yoga or exercise, some stress is unavoidable. You can try to embrace this kind of stress as a natural human mechanism to achieve a desired goal, even if that that moment your goal is unclear. She encourages individuals to trust their instinct to be anxious, as conventional as it may sound. As individuals we should still manage “good” stress. Dr. Ruhoy states in a recent article with MindBodyGreen, “by taking steps to recognize our sensors and prepare for whatever it may be, we can help alleviate some of those anxious feelings, good or bad, too much stress can drain us and negatively impact our health and wellness.” Finally she concludes with, “we should not let stress control us, which it so often can. If you are suffering from severe anxiety, it is important to seek help from a qualified healthcare provider.”

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