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Blog Dec 02, 2020

Did you know, only 23% of companies are planning holiday parties this year, as compared to 76% in 2019? As the season approaches, HR leaders and corporate managers are brainstorming ways to toast this year’s accomplishments and celebrate as a team. Holiday parties can be beneficial for morale and while they may look a bit different this year, there’s no reason to forego them – you just might need to get creative! If you’re looking to design the ideal company holiday party that brings your organization together, below are some unique ways to do just that. 

Engaging (and Safe!) Celebrations.  

Ensuring the safety of employees is a top priority for every manager – with that, three out of four office holiday parties will opt for virtual celebrations this yearSeven months of the pandemic, however, has created Zoom fatigue for many, according to a recent studyFortunately, there’s still a variety of unique and dynamic virtual offerings companies can leverage to provide employees with a memorable and bonding experience.  

The Celebrate Success Party, for instance, features awards, a Keynote and a CEO speech, and is a great way to let employees know you’re thankful for their hard work, especially during challenging times. Confetti poppers and a champagne toast complete the evening, creating an engaging experience that your team will remember for years to come. For a more casual approach, the Holiday Team Building Mixer offers a virtual cocktail party with up to three customizable, activity-based breakout rooms. For example, one room for dancing with a live DJ, one room for cocktail lessons with a mixologist and a third room with hosted games, icebreakers and comedians. Providing fun spaces that allow team members to dress up, feel special and connect with coworkers boosts connectivity and bonding, which increases overall corporate culture.  

Uniting the Workplace

Another top concern with companies is employee isolation. As work from home continues into 2021more and more employees are reporting feeling lonely. Additionally, without a central meeting space like an office, geographic distance between employees increases the emotional divide. Virtual experiences that bring remote teams together from any location in a fun and positive way can do wonders for employee wellness and moraleThe Mural Values Project, for instance, takes individual employee sentiments on the company and artistically renders them into a cohesive piece of art. Employees meet in small groups with a muralist to discuss their feelings on the company’s purpose and culture. The muralist unites these different points of view into a larger piece and works with the employees throughout the design process, ultimately unveiling the final artwork to the entire team. Another event, Let’s Create Togethergives employees their choice of breakout room experiences, from decorating holiday cookies to creating holiday centerpieces, generating a chance to connect with coworkers in a highly interactive way. It also provides ways to pay it forward to their community at large, which involves the final obstacle companies face when putting together a meaningful virtual holiday party.  

Giving Back to the Community

The holidays are often associated with giving back, but it may feel difficult to support causes remotelyMost in-person community service events are also on hold, meaning offices can’t bond over mutual service towards others. The final aspect of the Let’s Create Together experience, however, works with local non-profits to organize the donation of needed items, such as canned goods and art pieces created by employees. These handmade holiday items can brighten spirits and connect employees to their community. Another way to focus your team’s efforts on community service during the holidays is the Be the Change event. This virtual event includes three sessions highlighting three different non-profits chosen by employees. Each session spotlights how that non-profit is effecting change in the community and how employees can get involved to support them. Not only does an event like this help to build bridges between your company and the community, but it encourages employees to get involved in causes that matter to them. 

A successful holiday celebration should feel unique to your company and corporate culture. Prioritizing safety with virtual events doesn’t mean that holiday parties will lack creativity and fun  as highlighted above, there are countless ways to create meaningful experiences that bring value to your team. By designing unique holiday parties that unite your team and give back to your community, employees will enter the new year refreshed mentally, emotionally and soulfully. 

How can AccessElite help you create a company holiday party that fulfills your employees’ needs? Reach out at and let us know!

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