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Jan 16, 2022

Dr. Simrin Jaglan is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Founder of Embrace Psych. She earned her Master’s and Doctorate degrees in Clinical Psychology at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, where she conducted dissertation research on mindfulness, identity formation, and social media use. Dr. Jaglan completed an APA-Accredited doctoral internship at Florida International University where she received intensive training in the treatment of eating disorders, body image concerns, and psychological and neuropsychological assessment. She then completed a post-doctoral fellowship where she further specialized in treatment of anxiety, eating disorders, body image concerns, and personal development.

Dr. Jaglan’s generalist training foundation allows her to work with a variety of clients, differing demographically and in presenting concerns. Over the years, she has been drawn to work primarily with adults and teens in the areas of anxiety, eating disorders, body image, personal development, and finding balance in significant life transitions.

Dr. Jaglan’s experience allows her to emphasize a “client-first” approach and customize treatment to fit what the client needs, wants, and hopes for from therapy. By using a well-rounded, customized, and collaborative approach in therapy, her clients achieve results much more quickly.

Her style is compassionate, values-based, & action-oriented, with an emphasis on mindfulness. She will help you embrace life’s challenges, using your own strengths and resources, to move in the direction of growth you desire.