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Jan 16, 2022

After residency, I took on several jobs in both private and public sectors. Four of them were at Federal Qualified Health Centers in California where I oversaw many clinics and held several leadership roles including being an Interim Chief Medical Officer at Camarena Health and Medical Director at Via Care Community Health Center. While helping the underserved population and after attending A4M courses, I have noticed patients—who have hormone imbalances—were under-diagnosed, poorly treated, and often overlooked because their hormones levels are “normal.” The “Normal Ranges” seen in every lab test rarely defines the the optimal level for the individual. It’s time to change that dogma and optimize hormone levels based on clinical presentation – that means how the client feels rather based on lab results. I think most of us know that our current healthcare system is broken. Conventional medical practice is not treating both men and women who clinically have hormone imbalances. We need to develop a better system to take care of our aging population. That’s why I have created Alpha Hormones Inc.