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Jan 16, 2022

Lucia Mokres, DVM is an Injury and Perioperative Success Coach based in the San Francisco Bay Area. She has been through 8 major trauma-related surgeries, along with numerous additional non-surgical fractures and other injuries. Leveraging her extensive trauma surgery experience (both giving and receiving), combined with almost two decades of mentoring and coaching, she provides life coaching for clients facing or recovering from surgery and traumatic injury. Dr. Mokres will meet you exactly where you are on your injury or surgical journey, work with you to develop a framework from which to create a plan for recovery and wellbeing that works for you.
Throughout the guided recovery process, special attention is paid to your mindset, ensuring that you are developing the muscle memory to apply an open, inquisitive approach to the challenges that you will inevitably face in recovery and beyond, wherever your path takes you. These skills can be applied well beyond the context of injury, and are applicable to any challenge whether it is interpersonal, professional, or otherwise.