Change Location

Jan 16, 2022

LearningRx is the largest personal brain training company in the world. We have over 80 centers across the United States and locations in more than 40 countries around the globe. LearningRx is the only brain training company back by science and clinical research.

Unlike tutoring, which focuses on academic material, such as history facts, personal brain training (also known as “cognitive skills training”) works by targeting and strengthening the brain skills that help us think, learn, read, remember, pay attention and solve problems. These skills impact our mental performance in every area of life, including school and work. When these cognitive skills are strong, learning is faster and easier.

Noha Marwan is the owner and director of the Costa Mesa, Irvine, California location. She helped to run the center in Dubai for 8 years, before opening the center here in January 2019.

Noha is a cognitive training specialist and certified in multiple healing modalities. She believes that the more we understand our minds, the more we are empowered to reach our full potential.