Change Location

Jan 16, 2022

Brain Wellness Institute is an outpatient mental health private practice located in Newport Beach, California. We accept most major insurances and cater to people of all ages and demographics. We have licensed psychologists, neuropsychologists, and psychological assistants on staff to help you with all of your therapy and psychological assessment needs!

The Brain Wellness Institute’s mission is to provide high quality integrative mental and physical healthcare. We want to be a source of support for our patients and their family’s as they navigate through the complexities of today’s medical care environment. Our team provides an alternative approach where patients with neurological and psychiatric conditions can see many of their providers in the same facility. We believe it is critical to treat all aspects of our patients and provide holistic care.

A critical, but lacking piece of providing care to patients is focusing on treating all aspects of a patient’s care through a holistic, full wellness approach to caring for a patient’s mental and physical health. The Brain Wellness Institute strives to provide excellent clinical care, grounded in traditional western medicine and complimented by an alternative/ wellness-based approach. Our team focuses on improving and managing the chronic and acute medical conditions of patients. Our treatment team regularly meets to discuss the unique treatment goals for each patient to ensure that we are all on the same page regarding our patient’s care plans. Additionally, we strive to support our patients through wellness activities including improving mood, diet, and sleep, reducing stress, and increasing physical fitness. We believe these factors are important to manage and build upon as they can improve physical symptoms, mental health, and overall quality of life.