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Jan 16, 2022

Amy believes everyone, including you, has the capacity to heal and grow. She is blessed with an opportunity to be the person that helps you rediscover these capacities within you that have merely been hidden from your perception or access. In over 13 years of coaching individuals and groups on transforming their struggles into growth, Amy has gained expertise on what actually enables physical transformation as opposed to merely addressing symptoms and making superficial changes. Receiving training in Usui Reiki and becoming a Reiki Master & Teacher in 2017 and continuing to learn additional energy healing methods, she utilizes these methods to support your body in its natural healing abilities, while also teaching you basic energy techniques to use independently. With a master’s degree in Social Work as well as 13 years working in the mental health field, Amy offers a unique coaching perspective that is trauma informed. Devoted to her own personal growth and healing, she completed a two-year shamanism apprenticeship designed to explore and address any vulnerabilities she might have as a practitioner, which has also provided Amy with additional techniques to assist you in observing and dealing with your own vulnerabilities. Amy is devoted to ensuring you are receiving coaching and energy healing from her best state of mind and presence.