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Blog Feb 19, 2020

Last month we discussed the importance of why you should put yourself first, as hard as it is and why it is so crucial. In the day and age we live in today, our worlds revolve around the ones we love and care about. In Lovely Refinement’s most recent blog, they state, “if your cup is empty or your batteries are dead, it becomes impossible to cater to others. But, you might have been taught that putting your needs first is selfish.” They add, “putting others before yourself is a huge act of kindness. It’s hard to say it’s a bad thing, because other people benefit greatly from what you do. But, putting other people before yourself brings up a lot of issues.”

It takes commitment and a little work to say no to the things that don’t resonate with you and yes to more of the things that feed your soul so you can feed others. Here are some tips to help put yourself first that Lovely Refinement mentions:

  • Set your limits
    You can start doing this by taking a few minutes out of the day and reflecting on the balance in your life. Do you have enough of your own downtime every day? What brings you happiness? Everything is ok in moderation. To set your limits, you’ll have to figure out what your limits are. This might take some practice. It’s ok if you don’t get it exactly right all the time. But, setting your limits is so important.
  • Learn how to listen to yourself
    If you haven’t put yourself first in a while, you might have forgotten how to listen to your own wants and needs. Knowing what you want is essential, because you’ll also know what you don’t. This is how you build up self-confidence, by listening to yourself. If your friends all want to go out to a club on a Friday night, but you really just want to stay in and watch a movie, listen to that!
  • Practice Self Care
    Self-care keeps you in tune with yourself. This helps you set your limits, listen to yourself more, and know when things are off-balance in your life. Do these things and do them often. Practice taking care of yourself every single day. Even if it’s just 15 minutes before you go to bed.

One of the easiest things for us is number 2 — learning how to listen to ourselves. We highly recommend spending 10 minutes with yourself everyday. What is your body telling you? What is your skin telling you? Are you filled with stress? Have anxiety? Come chat with us, let us help you get back on the right track. Call us at (833) 755-0402 or email us at

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