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Invest In Your Well-Being

Welcome to AccessElite Anywhere, your new health and wellness platform! We’ve teamed up with Energy Recovery to provide you access to the best options in well-being today. We’re on a mission to ensure your physical, mental, and emotional health is a top priority, and what better way to do so than kicking off the New Year with New Habits! Below you’ll see a list of bullets with all of the benefits you’ll receive as an AccessElite Anywhere Member. Additionally, you can watch your Wellness Champion run through your upcoming challenges and make sure you’re in it to win it!

What Do You Get With AccessElite Anywhere?

Get Up & Get Moving Challenge

Whether you’re tracking steps or movement, this friendly competition will help motivate you to remain active throughout the day. Watch the video below to learn more!

Rehydrate & Recharge Challenge

Stay hydrated during the new year! Get your game face on and grab your largest water bottle for a friendly hydration challenge. Watch the video below to learn more!

Be Well Challenge

Compete alongside your peers by participating in a variety of live and on-demand classes offered on the AccessElite mobile application. Watch the video below to learn more!


Beginning on January 19th, we will be kicking off three wellness challenges focused on creating a better you. We encourage you to join these challenges with your team as we all hold each other accountable for developing new habits during the new year. We want you to take full advantage of this wellness perk even before your corporate challenges begin. Be sure to log on to the AccessElite mobile application once you have registered to begin utilizing all of the available wellness offerings.

Take a few minutes to get acclimated with the app where you can enjoy classes on demand and log your challenge progress. For ease of use and accessibility, we also have a desktop portal available here. Please note, tracking can only be done in the mobile app. Join us by filling out the form below!