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Live Virtual Wellness: Barre Based Workout with Kacee Tilly

Online CA

Join Fitness Instructor, Kacee Tilly in a 45 minute barre based workout. Be sure to grab your water and towel for this fun workout! Barre workouts are focused on improving core strength, developing the stabilizing muscles of the shoulder and hip girdles, and enhancing flexibility. They can also help improve alignment and posture!  

Live Virtual Event: Focus Flow: Core with Alona Kristol Harper

Online CA

Our abdomen is what keeps us balanced and protects our spin. What am important muscle to keep in shape! If you agree, join us for this amazing core flow with Yoga Instructor, Alona Kristol-Harper. You will leave this class feeling more stable and rejuvenated – a great way to get you through to the end of […]

Live Virtual Wellness: Birding for Beginners with Heather Davidson ENC

Online CA

Join ENC Lead Naturalist Heather Davidson as we learn ‘Birding for Beginners’.  Heather will share how to get started birding in your own backyard and local green spaces, pointers for how to identify species, and some of her favorite species to look for.  This presentation is great for all ages.

Live Virtual Wellness: Distance Reiki with Mickee Caputo

Online CA

End your Monday with Reiki Master, Yoga Instructor and Sound Healer Mickee Caputo for a 30 minute distance Reiki meditation. You will start the session with gentle breath work to anchor you into your body. Mickee will then guide you through a self healing Reiki session where you will place your hands on various points […]

Live Virtual Wellness: Earth Day Grounding Yoga Flow with Alona Kristol Harper

Online CA

In honor of Earth Day we are bringing you this grounding yoga flow to get you connected to the earth! Yoga has countless benefits for both the body and mind and is a wonderful way to alleviate tension in both of those areas. Yoga Instructor Alona Kristol-Harper, will guide you through a 30 minute yoga […]

Live Virtual Wellness: How to Create an Eco-Friendly Kitchen with Dora Attard

Online CA

Living in an environmentally friendly way is becoming increasingly important. In this session, you will learn all about eco-friendly products, materials to avoid, and cleaning tricks to keep your kitchen sanitary. Join us to learn facts and info about how single-use kitchen items and chemicals are detrimental to the environment. You will leave with tips […]

Live Virtual Wellness: Cardio KickBoxing with Renae Ryann

Online CA

Join Fitness Instructor Renae Ryann for a fun at-home KickBoxing workout! KickBoxing is a great way to build upon muscles you thought you never had! Grab your towel and water and join us for this exciting new class. Fair warning, you might get addicted to this and release any stress and anxiety you’ve been carrying […]

Live Virtual Wellness: Kinstretch for Hips and Knees with Alfred Bowen

Online CA

Get grounded and express yourself through restorative body movement with Alfred Bowen. Kin Stretch is based on the Total Body Control System which helps to increase flexibility and engage strength at the end of your range of motion. This class involves exercises that focus on muscles that are underused to help stabilize your main muscle […]

Live Virtual Wellness: Sound Bath with Nazli Takesh

Online CA

Get energetically clear and open to your highest potential using a powerful combination of guided breath work, and a sound bath with singing bowls. This experience is designed to evoke personal clarity, relaxation and deep inner knowingness.