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Blog Feb 19, 2021

Over the past 12 months, people have become more in tune with how their everyday choices impact their health and wellness. By now we know that making healthy choices can help boost immunity and maybe even make our pants fit a little better – but can it impact productivity at work?

According to a study published in the National Library of Medicine, a diet high in fat, sugar and calories has been linked to a reduction in brain function, memory, learning and the formation of brain neurons. Turns out that afternoon slump might be a direct result of indulging in that sugary mid-day drink or overly processed post-lunch snack.

As people’s professional and personal lives become more intertwined, juggling a family schedule and a never-ending cycle of Zoom calls, the impact that mindful eating has on productivity has become even more apparent. A healthy, balanced diet is critical to increasing overall wellbeing. One way that companies can arm their employees with tools for success is to stock the break room with nutrient-dense snacks that support brain function. Of course, as the corporate world continues to transition to a remote workforce, this means looking to convenient home-delivery options. Our top pick is Splendid Spoon: their plant-based meals make it easy to get those necessary “brain foods,” giving your team ready-made meals packed with vitamin-rich ingredients like blueberries, spinach, legumes and whole grains.

“The brain is one of the most powerful organs in the human body; and our food choices can either help or hurt the way it functions. For instance, foods void of vitamins and minerals may cause cognitive dysfunction. In other words, when we consistently consume highly processed foods, brain fog may result. On the other hand, foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals may help prevent brain fog, therefore boosting learning abilities,” said Splendid Spoon’s registered dietitian nutritionist, Kim Rose, RDN. “Diets rich in whole grains, nuts and seeds, beans and legumes, fruits and vegetables, and fatty fish are associated with improved cognitive function and lowered risk of cognitive impairment.

Here are 5 dietitian-approved eating habits to boost your productivity:

  1. Incorporate more plant-based foods into your diet: Eating a diet full of leafy greens and vegetables fuels your brain and can even prevent the onset of disease. You can learn more with AccessElite’s Nutrition 101, Food & Moods and Intuitive Eating classes available to companies of all sizes.
  2. Plan ahead: In today’s climate, there is so much to constantly be thinking about; between remote schooling and looming deadlines, what’s for lunch shouldn’t be one of them. By planning meals in advance, you can slash another thing on your to-do list and make smarter choices without sacrificing time. Options like Splendid Spoon offer busy professionals the best of both worlds: nutrient-dense brain food, delivered right to your door with no prep needed.
  3. Hydrate: The human body is made up of over 70% water and is key for a healthy and well-functioning brain and body. Dehydration can lead to negative moods, difficulty concentration and a decrease in brain function. According to Water Logic, just a 1% drop in hydration could lead to a 12% drop in productivity.
  4. Choose nutrient dense foods to eat throughout the day: Snack smarter to keep your brain fueled. “Blueberries, flaxseed and dark chocolate are full of antioxidants and promote brain health. By adding a handful of any of these foods to a meal, you can feed your brain and improve its power to function well,” notes Rose.
  5. Skip processed snacks & treats: Processed foods have been linked to an increase in brain fog, making it more difficult to think clearly and concentrate. Your body transforms food into energy and when that food is made up of sugar and refined carbohydrates, it gets processed too fast, leaving no energy for your brain to function at its best.

Interested in boosting your team’s well-being and productivity? Reach out at to get started!

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