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Blog Jan 08, 2021

2019 CDC findings show that half of U.S. workplaces offer health or wellness programs – the first milestone in over a decadeIt’s clear that well-being programs have become increasingly popular, but this drastic rise in popularity has left leaders wondering what wellness actually means to their business and how to effectively implement it across their organization. By choosing the right partner – like AccessElite – businesses within all industries can implement an effective program that generates greater employee participation, boosts productivity, morale and company culture. Keep reading to discover four benefits of well-being in the workplace, including tips from our experts. 

#1 – A Productivity Boost.  

According to a five-year-long study from Go365employees who were highly engaged in a company’s wellness program were more productive overall and reported decreased absenteeism. Healthier lifestyle choices brought about by well-being programs positively impact employees’ mood and energy, ultimately increasing their productivity.  

Try offering your employees a variety of personal development classes to explore talents they may have not prioritized before. The Finding Your Purpose and Setting Goals class, for instance, connects employees with a life coach to find purpose, create a vision and set attainable goals. The Developing a Positive Self-Image & Growth Mindset personal development session helps discover ways to create an improved self-image and achieve a growth-oriented mindset with a dedicated life coach.  Along with discovering new talents, employees also have the opportunity to mentally prepare for any challenges the day may bring.  

#2 – A Wellness Boost a Day Keeps Your Employees Intact.  

Organizational wellness programs offer employees value and provide incentives to stay with their company. Additionally, these programs create connectivity between employees and employers, fostering a mutual sense of personal care. By developing programs that care for the whole individual, rather than just their work performance, companies can reduce turnover and its associated costs.  

Involve your employees and their loved ones by hosting Family Dance Parties, guided virtual experiencewith a dance instructor who leads the entire family through lively dance sessions. A more relaxing option, the Family Fun Art Class allows families to apply creativity paired with end-of-day meditation – both of which are stress relievers and provide a bonding moment between employees and their families 

#3 – Let’s Get Connected.  

Corporate wellness initiatives, especially those that involve group activities, are great ways to unite employees across departments, within teams and more. Group well-being activities also allow leadership to gain a better understanding of what their team is passionate about, building connections between them. By creating an interconnected office, an organization’s entire workflow is revitalized and operates smoothly. While remote work will likely continue into 2021, there is still a variety of ways for teams to connect virtually and avoid Zoom fatigue.  

Cooking and Cocktails class, for instance, lets employees learn how to make healthy food and drinks from executive chefs and mixologists in their own homes, allows team members to connect while each doing something interactive and fun together. For those who like to break a sweat, an All Level Full-Body Workout creates healthy competition and comradery between teams and a much-needed break from the workday.   

#4 – One Team, One Dream.  

The individualized nature of working from home has made it more important than ever to emphasize strong, united company culture. Corporate wellness initiatives of all kinds, whether they are time off for volunteer work, fitness classes or professional development, help companies build a culture based on its values and the values of its employees. When companies have a united culture, responding to crises like the coronavirus pandemic become a group effort, rather than individual decisions. Offering access to virtual courses such as the Addressing Unconscious Biases and The Power of Active Listening, helps encourage open dialogue between employees and develop a strong sense of purpose for the overall organization.  

The examples above are just a few ways well-being initiatives can benefit organizations, but the possibilities are endless. Oftentimes, the barrier stopping companies from launching these programs is the extra workload they bring.  

How can AccessElite help you create and implement a truly effective wellness program? Reach out at and let us know!

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