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Healthy Employees, Healthy Businesses

The first total well-being platform delivering comprehensive physical, mental and emotional support, wherever your team might be. 

Live Wellness Classes, Virtual Health Fairs, and Corporate Challenges – Connecting People Across the County around Wellbeing

500+ Health and Wellness Experts for Tele-health and In-Person Appointments. Making getting healthy and staying healthy EASY!

On-Demand Fitness, Meditation, Mindfulness, Cooking, Yoga, Beauty, General Health and more at your finger tips. 


Make Health and Well-being
a Priority in Your Company

AccessElite offers more than just a well-being plan, we’re an organization
that builds vibrant, engaged communities around health and wellness. Offer
AccessElite to your employees and maximize your corporate state of wellbeing.

Health and Wellness Events

Enjoy exclusive access to elite events, seminars, and local partnerships. Want a lunch and learn seminar on nutrition? Done. Want to treat your team members to a team building activity with yoga on the rooftop? Say no more. All events can be onsite or remote!

Priority Access

We remove many of the pain points involved with visiting doctors and wellness professionals. Corporate members gain priority access to our elite network of highly-vetted doctors and specialists. Enjoy easy same-day appointment booking and access to hundreds specialists via telemedicine. 

End-To-End Support

Corporate members are provided with continuous educational content, well-being tracking, user-friendly dashboards, an easy-to-use mobile application, and personalized calls from our Member Services Team.

Improved health and wellness coincides with higher job satisfaction, improved productivity,
enhanced creativity, and fewer sick days. Give your employees peace of mind from
knowing they can see a doctor or specialist at any time. With a thriving workforce, your
business can invest its time, energy, and focus on growth.


Corporate Well-Being

A wellness benefits program to help employees
reach a greater state of well-being.

Employee Wellness Tracking

Company health baseline assessment with ongoing tracking to drive ROI analysis.

Access to Wellness Experts

Priority access to a curated network of highly-vetted wellness champions in your community.

Wellness Live Events & Coaching

Daily live health and wellness events from yoga, to cooking classes to daily meditations.


Discounts on onsite and remote wellness appointments.


Easy, one-click booking.


Incentive rewards program to assist participants in hitting health goals.

Wellness Support

Wellness tips, products, seminars, and events in the local area.

Happier Employees

Employees can easily get the wellness care they want and need.


An Expanded Benefits

A full-service health benefits program to cater to
your company’s needs.

Top Doctors

Access to a curated network of elite physicians (primary care + 15 specialties)

Post-Appointment Contact

Direct communication with physicians


Easy-to-use mobile app

Patient Specific Care

Unhurried appointments

Priority Access

Same-day and next-day appointments

Fast Access

No waiting in the waiting room

24/7 Support

24/7 Employer/ Business/ Member services coordination team

Healthier Leadership

Company executives can get the care they need to be at their best.

How it Works

Our Member Services Team deploys a smooth onboarding process to ensure each and every employee has an easy, seamless experience.

Pick a Start Date.

Select Team Members.

Select Your Onboarding Event

Download the App

Get Your Health & Wellness on!

Monthly Touchpoints.


More than just a health
benefit program

Wellness Culture

We facilitate in-person, on-campus events, seminars, and partnerships with our corporate members.

Ongoing Support

Enjoy educational content, tracking, dashboards, and personalized calls from our Member Services Team.


We engage and serve all generations from Baby Boomers to Gen X’ers

Maximize Your Corporate State of Wellbeing!